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3,2,1... INTERNATIONAL services

Marketing your property

We deploy various means of communication to advertise and market your house or apartment:

We are constantly being sent details of accommodation requests by our network of correspondent agents abroad (Montreal, New York, Moscow, South Africa, Australia, Asia, as well as Europe and the French overseas territories).

We have a network of businesses and organizations which regularly use our services whenever they need to find accommodation for key staff or guests.

These include Bouygues, France Telecom, EDF, Renault, Air France, L’Oréal, Alsthom, the Guyana Space Centre, Thomson-Reuters, Yamaha, Nestlé, EADS, Kesa Electrical, Warner, Ubisoft, the UK Home Office, UNESCO, OECD, the embassies of Lithuania, Argentina, Mexico, India and others, Paris VI University, the Institut Poincaré, Crédit du Nord, the Banque de France, BNP Paribas, Société Générale and many others including consultancy firms, local and national government, &c.

Our advertisements appear in rental advertisements websites and on our website.

Screening and shortlisting accomodation request and negotiating terms

We take care of all initial contacts, and only get in touch with you once a prospective tenant meeting our standards of reliability is interested in your apartment.

We minimize the landlord’s risk by not passing on all enquiries, only those from people who meet our standards.

This rigorous screening is achieved, first, by working with an overwhelmingly professional clientele and then by investigating any prospective tenants ourselves before proceeding.

In certain circumstances we can also act for you, if you wish, in negotiating some of the terms of the lease.


We can provide you with practical, legal, or tax information, &c., as required.

We can also help with logistics, for example by supplying template documents of various kinds: leases, inventories, statements of property condition, &c.

And of course we’re on hand to help you resolve any difficulties that crop up between you and your tenant.

Our fees

If you rent a furnished or unfurnished home, for a main residence, the agency fees are shared between the owner and the tenant :

-  the visits
-  the files constitution
-  the contract creation
o for the tenant : 12€ /m²,
o for the owner: 12€ /m²,

-  The rental fees are payed by the owner : 2 % of one year rental (charges included)

-  The inventory of fixtures (if required by the owner and the tenant)
o for the tenant : 3€ /m²,
o for the owner : 3€ /m²,

For a secondary residence, we bill your tenant directly for our services (unless you let property as a business).

Payment of rent and security deposits

Rent is paid direct to you : no agent’s delays or expenses.

Rent for leases shorter than two months will be paid to you in full on the day your tenant moves in.

We also always require a security deposit to be paid to you on or before the day your tenant gets the keys.

We can also manage your lettings, if you wish :

This means you commission us (if we accept the appointment) to arrange your leases, manage the handover with incoming or outgoing tenants, deal with rent payments and see to getting and refunding the security deposit.

There is a monthly management fee for this optional extra service which ranges, for furnished lettings, from 8,4% to 10% including VAT (or 7 – 8,34% before VAT) of the rent you receive, with a minimum of €150 including VAT (€125.42 before VAT).

For unfurnished lettings this optional extra service costs 7,2% including VAT (6% before VAT) of the monthly rent.

Cleaning service

If you wish, we can arrange for our contractor to clean your apartment at the end of a lease, billing you for this extra service.