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Letting terms


The descriptions and photos we send you give a detailed idea of the accommodation as it was when we visited it (all accommodation is checked before being put on display here). The landlord may of course have changed the contents or the arrangement of the furniture a little since then, to make the apartment more comfortable or more secure; this will not affect the rental agreement.

A maximum number of occupants is stated for each property listed, and you agree not to exceed that number. The lease will be terminated immediately and without compensation if the limit is found to have been exceeded.


Some of our landlords are happy to allow pets: give us full details of your pet, and we’ll ask the landlord about approval.


Rents per calendar month (pcm) are quoted here as follows:

  • for rentals of under two months, the rent quoted includes our agency fee; only tenants’ electricity, gas and telephone usage is charged separately.
  • for rentals of two months or more, the amount of our agency fee will appear in the property details.
  • the rents we offer may differ from those shown on our website


In addition to the rent, you will usually be charged for electricity, gas and telephone according to your actual usage; in some cases this applies also to water usage. All meters will be read at the start and end of your tenancy to measure your consumption. If you are renting for two months or more, interim readings will be taken and you will be billed on the basis of these during the tenancy. Long-term tenants will be able to have the utility providers’ contracts put in their own name.

Some landlords prefer to make a fixed charge for these utilities: this will be shown on our booking form.

Security deposit

The security deposit required (“caution” or “dépôt de garantie” in French) will vary depending on the length of your tenancy and whether you are renting your apartment furnished. The amount is shown in the property details.

Security deposits are held by the landlord for tenancies of one month or longer.

They are repaid at the end of tenancy (no later than 60 days after you move out), in full if your occupancy has caused no loss or damage and the property is restored in the same condition as when made available to you, and provided you have paid all amounts due to the landlord. Otherwise the landlord will refund (by the same deadline) the amount of the security deposit less the cost of making good any duly recorded loss or damage by comparison with the property’s condition when you moved in, as well as any cleaning costs and any amounts still owed by you.


You must show that you have insurance to cover your civil (third-party) liability as occupier of the accommodation you are renting. This insurance is compulsory in France for all furnished tenancies, and it is your responsibility to arrange it before taking possession: you will need to show the insurance certificate to the landlord when you move in.

If you wish, we can put you in touch with an insurance company which underwrites this risk, as well as the risk of unforeseen cancellation. Please contact us.

We also recommend you take out adequate insurance to cover your personal effects, baggage, and any jewellery or other valuables, as well as those of anyone staying with you.

Cancellation by you

If you cancel your booking (which must be done by fax or registered letter) more than two months before the start of your tenancy, all sums paid in connection with the tenancy will be refunded to you.
If you cancel later than this, those sums will be forfeited.
We can put you in touch with an insurance company which covers this cancellation risk for periods of up to three months and will refund any such forfeited sums, provided that you give reasons for the cancellation.

Cancellation by the landlord

If the landlord is forced at any time by causes beyond his/her control (*) to cancel your booking and we are unable to offer you an apartment of the same category as the one you booked (or a higher category, but at the same rent), all amounts paid by you will be refunded. No compensation will be paid in addition.

(*) Fire, death, change of residence, unavailability of the apartment for some serious and compelling cause.


3,2,1…INTERNATIONAL declines all responsibility for injury to occupants and for theft, loss or damage of their possessions during your tenancy of furnished accommodation.

Furnished lease tenants are responsible for the occupants’ good behaviour and decent conduct during the tenancy. At the end of the tenancy the furnished accommodation must be left as the tenant found it on moving in.

Any disputes arising shall be settled according to French law, and the court in whose district the rented property is located shall have jurisdiction.