Conditions de location - propriétaire Letting terms (agreement)

Letting terms (agreement)

As a prospective landlord you will need to provide 3,2,1...INTERNATIONAL with various documents (a description of the accommodation, photos, electricity or phone bills, &c.) so that we can prepare your file.

You acknowledge that you have examined this Agreement, and undertake to comply with its terms in all dealings with 3,2,1...INTERNATIONAL or with any third directly or indirectly introduced to you thereby.

You own and possess furnished accommodation (an apartment or house) which you wish to make available to a tenant.

You declare that you have legal capacity and are entitled to let the accommodation.

You undertake to make available to your tenant the accommodation and its fully functional services as described to 3,2,1...INTERNATIONAL and in this Agreement.

You undertake to take such steps as are necessary to ensure your tenant’s entry into the accommodation, to facilitate your tenant’s residence therein, and to guarantee your tenant’s undisturbed enjoyment thereof. The tenant’s arrival at the start of the tenancy will be by appointment; departure at the end of the tenancy should take place before noon, unless specifically agreed otherwise.

The features of the accommodation, its services and the arrangements for assistance proposed by you will form a material basis for any classification assigned by us and accordingly for a guarantee by you as landlord. That classification is of the essence, since it provides the tenant’s assurance as to the quality of his/her tenancy.

You must tell 3,2,1...INTERNATIONAL without fail of the dates of your accommodation’s availability over the next three months at least.

You must notify us immediately if these periods of availability change, as a result of occupation not arranged through us or for any other reason. For its part, 3, 2, 1...INTERNATIONAL undertakes to inform you of every letting as soon as it is confirmed by the tenant.


You acknowledge that 3,2,1...INTERNATIONAL may classify your accommodation at its discretion, and may reproduce as its own material the details and information about it which you have supplied. You undertake to allow a member of our staff to visit your accommodation, in particular with a view to assigning or renewing its classification.


The accommodation’s standards of safety, security and hygiene must comply with the regulations in force at the time.

You or your appointed representative must be readily contactable by the tenant; furthermore, you undertake to respond actively, in person or through a representative, if your tenant requires your help.

The accommodation’s walls, floors, doors and windows must be in good condition. The heating should provide a minimum temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. Light and sound insulation must be effective from the point of view of occupants and neighbours/surroundings.

An elevator is necessary for accommodation three floors or more above street level.

Bathroom fittings

Bathroom fittings must be clean, very high quality and in good working order. These include a WC in the apartment, hand basin and shower and/or bathtub (with hot and cold water), a waste bin, an accessible razor socket and a towel rail.


Decor should be inoffensive and in very good repair. Any very personal or highly valuable objects should have been removed.

Renovation work

You undertake to tell us of any alterations to the interior or exterior layout of your accommodation.


It shall be a prime concern of yours to give or make available to your tenants any information that would enhance their stay (guides, tourist brochures, town plans, public transport maps, instructions for using household equipment, directions to local shops and services, &c.)


Bedding should be in perfect condition; each bed should have a sprung bedstead, mattress, undersheet, two sets of sheets, and duvet/blankets, as well as a pillow or bolster for each occupant. Single beds must be at least 80cm wide, and double beds at least 140cm.

Linge de maison, draps

Deux jeux de draps par lit seront fournis propres en début de séjour. Deux jeux de linge de toilette (un jeu est composé de deux serviettes et un gant de toilette par personne) seront fournis propres en début de séjour.


Two sets of clean sheets per bed should be provided at the start of each tenancy. Two sets of bath linen (each comprising two bath towels and one hand towel per person) should likewise be provided at the start of the tenancy.


The kitchen should be properly equipped for tenants to be able to make meals, store food, and wash up.
Table crockery should be in good condition and sufficient for the specified number of occupants.
The apartment should be fully equipped, complete with dishwasher and washing machine.


The apartment should be thoroughly cleaned before each new tenant’s arrival. If let furnished without cleaning service, it should contain the necessary cleaning equipment.


If the accommodation is assigned a classification by 3,2,1...INTERNATIONAL, the rent you charge will be set by mutual agreement between us during an on-site visit by a member of our staff. You will be responsible for providing an invoice or a receipt if requested by the tenant. The rent agreed will be net, and will be billed in full to the tenant, who will also be required to produce a security deposit, paid by the tenant on moving in. This security deposit is only retained for leases of a month or more, and is to be refunded at the end of the tenancy provided the property has been occupied properly with no loss or damage beyond normal wear and tear. You undertake to refund any booking deposit paid by a tenant who subsequently cancels the booking not later than 21 days before the tenancy is due to begin.


It is your responsibility to take out landlord’s insurance cover against risks associated with renting your accommodation to temporary tenants, and also, if you require it, against tenants absconding.

For short-term lettings (under three months), 3,2,1...INTERNATIONAL can offer insurance against cancellation of bookings/tenancies and third-party liability, for a premium payable by the tenant.

In the case of lettings longer than six months, 3,2,1...INTERNATIONAL can in certain cases offer insurance against unpaid rent, for a premium payable by you.



3,2,1...INTERNATIONAL can offer management of your lettings under the terms of a simplified Agency Appointment (management of rents and outgoings, security deposits, drafting and signing of leases, and statements of property condition on handover).


All communications and marketing or other public or private activities conducted under the name “3,2,1...INTERNATIONAL” must be approved in writing by the management of 3,2,1...INTERNATIONAL.

You undertake moreover to let 3,2,1...INTERNATIONAL know if any tenant previously introduced to you by 3,2,1...INTERNATIONAL makes a further request to rent your accommodation.

Any breach of the above terms may disqualify you from receiving our services.

Under Article 27 of the French Privacy Act (Law 78-17 of 6 January 1978) you remain entitled to access and correct the information you have supplied. We undertake to return your file and destroy that information at your written request.