Les pièces à fournir pour votre dossier Documents you will need

Documents you will need

For a long tenancy we shall need various documents before we can draw up your lease:

  • a copy of your identity document (passport or ID card)
  • your last three pay slips
  • your last income tax assessment, or other documentary evidence of your last two years’ income
  • certificate from your employer mentioning that you are employed (date of beginning, your job, wage, housing allowance…), or copy of your job contract or certificate of employment

You may be asked for other documents as well (your last rent receipt if you were renting previously, your latest property tax receipt if you are a property holder, the latest financial statement of your partnership or company if you are an active majority shareholder or in a professional partnership, &c.).

You will also need to provide a certificate of insurance for your third-party liability/tenant’s risks – compulsory in France – on or before the day you get the keys.

In some cases you may be asked to provide a banker’s surety, or alternatively a guarantee from another person who is willing to be jointly responsible for payment of the rent.