Les avantages de la location en meublé The advantages of letting furnished

The advantages of letting furnished

A flexible arrangement

This letting arrangement is much more flexible than a conventional (unfurnished) lease: you let by the period that suits you (by the week, the month, the quarter, the half-year or the year)

Full control of your apartment’s availability

You are entirely free to decide just when you want to make your property available: you tell us beforehand which periods you’d like to let your house or apartment for. Also, it’s far easier than with an unfurnished lease to get possession of your property back when you need it.

A worthwhile income

You get a good income with sound payment security (we cater almost exclusively for the accommodation needs of people who come to Paris on business, for academic reasons or to perform their duties for an international organization, &c.).
We take account of your financial aims; these could include any of the following:

  • getting the highest possible income from your property
  • defraying your property’s fixed costs while you’re away
  • keeping your property lived-in and maintained in your absence...

Advantageous tax treatment

Current tax law in France greatly encourages this type of letting.

We can give you further details on this if you wish.